Body Awakening – a path of surrender

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
Body Awakening – a path of surrender

A student of mine went to Kundalini yoga and shared her profound experiences of Body Awakening. The Kundalini yoga teacher was not open to the idea that Kundalini energy can be activated by simply being present, by simply allowing the energy to flow, rather than forcefully pushing the energy upwards with breath work and repetitive movements.

And so the teacher said to my student: “You need to be careful with the Body Awakening practice because karma can be transmitted in group sessions.” This statement is full of fear-based and disempowering beliefs, originating in the guru paradigm where someone has power over someone else to transmit something to them, and also the Newtonian paradigm which is based upon the ideas of determinism, separation, reduction and materialism. Both paradigms are still heavily embedded in our human conditioning.

Body Awakening lives in the quantum paradigm with the view that things are complementary, contextual, conscious and connected.

Group sessions are extremely powerful as we come together in resonance with the shared intention to transform our well-being and grow spiritually. It’s this coherence of the group that allows us to have powerful experiences of transformation and healing. We are all connected, nothing gets transmitted that isn’t there already. We are here to support and learn from each other to grow simultaneously as a collective.

And let’s briefly address karma – a word which has received many interpretations over time, depending on context and culture. Here’s my definition: Karma is our conditioning. We free ourselves from karma when we free ourselves from our conditioning.

Don’t be too quick to make someone else’s beliefs your own. Use your inner knowing as consultant, feel into your body and explore if offered concepts resonate with you.

I wish you a beautiful day.

Much love,
Wildfrau 🌿

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