You know me. But do you?

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019
You know me. But do you?

You know me.⠀⁠
But do you?

You experience me in the now.⠀⁠
I am your current state of being.⠀⁠
I am what you focus on.⠀⁠
I am what you choose to see.

Describe me.⠀⁠
Can you?

Your memories define who I am.⠀⁠
Memories that are shaped by⠀⁠
how you perceived me⠀⁠
in past moments.

Every moment,⠀⁠
every experience,⠀⁠
every memory is unique.⠀⁠
Thus it is impossible⠀⁠
for two people to know me⠀⁠
the same way.

I am a reflection of the moment,⠀⁠
I am a limitation of the experience,⠀⁠
I am a creation of the mind.

I have infinite faces.⠀⁠
And so do you.

Wildfrau 🌿

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